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PEOs and PSOs

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

In their early careers, the graduates of the CE department will be expected to

PEO-1 Apply their knowledge and skills as effective and productive civil engineers to enable sustainable growth of the community
PEO-2 Work and communicate effectively in order to develop practical, technically-sound and cost-effective solutions to civil engineering problems in an international scenario.
PEO-3 Enhance self-confidence, ability to make proper decisions, and adhere to professional ethics
PEO-4 Pursue lifelong learning to keep themselves conversant with latest development in their fields of practice or study.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)
PSO-1 Knowledge of Contemporary issues : Demonstrate the knowledge of contemporary issues in the field of Civil Engineering
PSO-2 Safety awareness : Recognize and implement various safety measures required in civil engineering projects.
PSO-3 Philanthropic activities: Recognize the need for getting involved in solving problems of community and empathetically react on humanitarian grounds.